Jasmin Sanchez Photos | About

For many years I was trying to discover myself, my passion, something I truly enjoyed above all else.  It seemed impossible!  I rattled my brain trying to pinpoint something I could fully dedicate myself too.  It took a while, years actually!  I couldn't help but laugh at myself when it finally hit me.  Photography! 


I had been carrying a camera around for years and for years I took tons of pictures without a goal in mind.  Knowing very little about photography and even less about how to fully operate the camera, I "missed the shot" time and time again.  It wasn't until I realized how much I enjoyed it, even through all the "bad shots", that I decided to dedicate myself a little more. 


In taking photos, I have discovered that being behind the lens allows me to quiet my mind from the noise of every day life and fully absorb myself in the moment. Through my lens I seek to bring out the creativity in myself as well as a special uniqueness in my subject.

Uniqueness...I believe we all experience the world from a very unique perspective.  A place known only to ourselves, a place which can only be experienced from our exact position at that exact time. Through photography, however, I am able to capture they way I look at things and share that with the world around me. 

It is my goal to create images that inspire those they reach and ultimately, give them something to smile about for years to come.  As your photographer, I aim to deliver photos which you will be proud to share with friends and family as well as help you see yourself in a new light.

I am honored to be your photographer and look forward to capturing the beauty that makes you uniquely you!